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The anti-informality campaign in figures

The Taxpayer’s service has assisted face to face more than 17,000 taxpayers. 3500 taxpayers have been contacted regarding the law on remissions. More than 8200 taxpayers have been contacted to encourage self-correction. 3500 counselling visits have been concluded and 14 meetings have been held with the business community on field.

The Call Centre has still continued to provide services in the available number on every issue and support needed by the taxpayers, thus assisting around 4000 callers and users of live chat.

During the first two weeks of the campaign, 4773 inspections have been concluded (inspections from the office, fiscal visits or on-site verifications), where inspections from the office constitute 73% of the total. These inspections were accompanied with more than ALL 170 million detected and the report of findings with penalties is at a 70% to 30% ratio.

810 entities have changed their tax liability, where Tirana holds the biggest number with 430 entities, followed by Vlora with 84 and Durresi with 77.

Awareness-raising has continued in order to enable collection of outstanding liabilities. During this period the number of entities that have responded positively is 624 and the amount is ALL 488 million.

The process of automatic deletion of liabilities has started for the period prior to 2010 and compensation with credit facilities, both for the period prior to 2010 and for 2011-2014, as well as the deletion of liabilities on condition for 2011-2014 for those taxpayers that have paid the principal. More than 1000 taxpayers have benefited and this process is still going on.

The implementation structures have persisted with the on-site verifications. 6778 entities have been verified, where 21% of them have resulted in violation and have been penalized. 323 employees, identified as undeclared, have been included in the social insurances scheme during the first two weeks of the action and 212 entities, not registered at the Tax Authorities, have been closed down, as well as for other violations like failure to issue a coupon for a second time.