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Meetings with taxpayers in the RDTs of Dibra and Korça

The meetings at the Regional Directorates of Dibra and Korça were concluded today, in the framework of improving and refining the taxpayer’s service, as well as the fight against informality.
During the discussion of topics related to changes in the tax legislation, activities of the Tax Administration to establish cooperation relations with the taxpayers, business associations or various NGOs regarding exchange of information, several concrete concerns were raised. Unauthorized economists that keep accounting, delays in fiscal equipment from authorized companies, for recently registered entities as well as difficulties faced by the taxpayers in detailing the tax coupon due to a big number of items were some of the issues raised by the taxpayers.

The right to information and assistance is an on-going part of the Tax Administration work, in order that any taxpayer can be acquainted with his rights and duties for concrete accounting or fiscal situations.