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Let’s fight informality together

The General Directorate of Taxes deems and believes that the inclusion of citizens is one of the best mechanisms to fight informality and evasion.

Reports on corruption acts, non-ethical behaviours of the Tax Administration employees, observation of fiscal evasion or any other violations of the tax legislation reported from you have a high relevance as they provide the Tax Administration with the opportunity to be equal among tax entities and to improve work by solving each problem referred.

During October, 50 cases have been reported, which have immediately been subject to proceeding from the Tax Investigation structures.

The Tax Administration would like to thank you the citizens and taxpayers for the present cooperation and encourages them to continue and report every abusive case in the available channels.

Ju can report in the following: 
1. By calling the free line: 0800 14 14. During the official business hours (08:00 – 16:30, Monday to Thursday, and 08.00-14:00 on Friday) 
2. By sending an e-mail at: 
3. By using the available number for photos and videos in WhatsApp and Viber: +355 69 70 73 733
4. By sending messages on Facebook page of the General Directorate of Taxes