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GDT meets with representatives of the clothing and garment industry

The General Directorate of Taxes held a meeting with representatives of the clothing and garment industry. In this meeting, inter alia, the operation plan of the anti-informality action was presented, as well as the initiatives that will be taken by the Tax Administration to increase at a higher level its educating and serving role, in order to reach voluntary compliance of liabilities by the taxpayers.

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vjero, during her opening remarks referring to the anti-informality plan, explained some of the expectations of the Tax Administration, as well as the readiness to hear the participants’ concerns related to the performance of the Tax Administration.

Expansion of online services, risk-based inspections, enhancement of VAT refunding procedures as well as facilitation of 9 online certificates were some of the topics widely addressed in this meeting.

During the discussion there were requests on the legal basis in force as well as there were issues raised regarding a change in the VAT taxation rate for the services performed by the sub-contractors of the goods under an active inward processing regime. The representative of the clothing and garment industry, Mr. Gjergji Gjika, focused on the definition of accurate deadlines for VAT refunding, and the reduction of the tax rate, both for the income tax and dividend.

The General Directorate of Taxes will take into consideration and will convey to a higher hierarchic level the proposals of this industry, and it still continues to encourage every honest business in Albania to become part of the implementability of the tax procedures.