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The GDT proceeds with its anti-informality action

Following its anti-informality campaign, the Tax Administration has been present in the whole territory in order to ensure law enforcement, and to cooperate with taxpayers and citizens in this joint fight against evasion and informality. 

The Taxpayer’s Service has contacted more than 13,700 entities, has conducted more than 1500 counselling visits and 7700 face to face meetings.

The Tax Administration has concluded 2800 inspections from the office, out of which 600 entities have changes their tax liability.

3023 entities have been inspected on-site, out of which 650 entities have been identified with violations.

During the on-site inspections, approximately 100 entities have been sanctioned with closure of activity, mainly unregistered businesses or for failure to issue a coupon.

The Tax Administration would like to invite all unregistered entities not to operate without the respective documentation and it would like to emphasise that it is determined to implement the law, with zero tolerance, for all those taxpayers that appear as informal. The same is valid for any trade entity that commits fiscal evasion. 

In the meantime, the General Directorate of Taxes would like to encourage every honest entrepreneur as well as the citizens, to report cases of illegality wherever they face them.