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Certificates are now available online in a digital format

The General Directorate of Taxes has published in the online platform e-Albania, 9 important services for the generation of certificates at any time and cost free for businesses, individuals and public institutions.

The taxpayers, individuals and officials of the Public Administration will log in in the e-Albania portal with their credentials and can make a request to download online the following certificates:

  • Certificate for payment of liabilities
    • Turnover certificate for the last 3 years
    • Certificate for tax liability
    • Certificate of status (active, passive, including date)
    • Certificate for investor registration
    • Certificate for the payment of contributions by the entity
    • Certificate for vehicle possession
    • Certificate for unregistered individual
    • Certificate for the payment of contributions for the individual

For some part of these services, response will be on real time and the certificate provided electronically will bear a digital signature and seal.

GDT is engaged at its maximum to facilitate procedures in order to provide at any time and at lesser costs a qualitative service for each taxpayer.

The public institutions that will benefit from these services are: SII, NANR, ARDA, Ministry of Interior, Employment Office, OSHEE, GDRTS, Municipality, etc.