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Action against informality, Minister Ahmetaj send a letter to the entrepreneurship

The Ministry of Finance and Economy will very soon present its detailed action plan to persist its fight against informality in the economy, as one of our main priorities during the first term and that will still remain as such during the next four years as well.

We insist on the implementation of the law, in order to ensure fair and equal rules in an open and competitive market, but at the same time we are very supportive and cooperative with the business because in this battle, we stand on the same side with entrepreneurship.

We now have a successful experience from last year, with the drafting of the simplified package of more than 42 tax and customs procedures, apart from some other facilities presented for the purposes of improving the business climate. Our commitment in such direction continues with another fundamental reform in favour of the entrepreneurship, the deregulation of the market by means of reducing the number of permit/licenses and authorizations, as well as documents required by the public offices to receive a right or service.

Our approach for an unconditional fight and zero tolerance against informality, has entered a new phase, which will require to go on with another new phase of tax liability, based on the increase of compliance with the law, self-correction, voluntarism and transparency.

The structures subordinate to the Ministry of Finance and Economy, such as the General Directorate of Taxes, General Directorate of Customs and the Labour Inspectorate, will organize in joint groups, guided by the analysis of risk profiles of sectors and business within them, with a focus on the entire chain of transactions from the large business to the final consumer. Employment and occupational health and safety will receive a special attention within the frame of the action.

With the conviction that informality is a challenge that we share together, I would like to invite you to improve our experience to date, in order to build a new reality of law enforcement. Any concrete suggestion, idea and recommendation from you in this direction, is more than welcomed to be shared in a joint round table of discussions in the coming days.

Thank you,