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From October 1st together against informality!

The fight against informality will enter a new phase and will start with a considerable change in approach and results that will be consolidated for four consecutive years.

The Minister of Finance and Economy, Mr. Arben Ahmetaj, accompanied by the General Director of Taxes and the Director of Customs, have publicly launched the action against informality, where structures from the General Directorate of Taxes, Directorate of Customs and Labour Inspectorate will be part of.

During the visit in an enterprise operating in the area of food industry, Minister Ahmetaj explained that the fight against informality, organized in joint groups established among the institutions, will have a thorough working calendar, whether on field and from the office, with the main objective to expand the tax basis. But, in the meantime we have to communicate with the entrepreneurship in order that we can all together enter a new phase of tax responsibility, based on voluntarism and work transparency.

Every day that will go by, zero tolerance against evasion will be more obvious and it will be at the core of the work of Tax Authorities, Customs or all other institutional and fiscal instruments that the government and the state possess – said Minister Ahmetaj.

With regards to the focus of the action, it will mainly be large entrepreneurship, but without leaving aside the attention and inspection of fiscal area the small enterprises as well. Tax coupons, fiscal registers, inventories, employment, and occupational health and safety will be at the focus of the action.