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Be careful with the registration of data in the fiscal equipment

Dear taxpayers,

Based on the data extracted from the fiscal equipments monitoring system, there are cases when the salespersons register inaccurate values, due to wrongly pressing the values of goods sold. Such irregularities are followed by the identification of an unreal turnover, followed by another tax liability incurred, that of becoming subject to a tax inspection, etc.

Keeping accurate data is an obligation for each taxpayer, therefore, please be careful with any action you will do through the fiscal equipment.

Moreover, we would kindly remind you that for any such errors:


  • The taxpayer shall inform the Regional Directorate of Taxes where he is registered, by means of a minute kept by him himself (downloadable from the GDT webpage).
    • After this he will continue to report sales. These reports will still continue to register such an error.
    • Upon correction of the error from the Tax Administration, the taxpayer will continue to report sales, thus, the reported figure will be corrected to show the real turnover.

Caution! Failure to notify the error in registration shall be a responsibility of the taxpayer and shall be considered as a sale from him.

Thank you!