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Announcement on the decision of the National Council for Copyright

Dear taxpayers,

Following the formalization and avoidance of fiscal evasion pursuant to the Law No. 35, dated 31/03/2016 “On copyright and related rights”, the General Directorate of Taxes has published the decision on the approval of the methodology and amounts of fees for the remuneration of works protected from copyright in the collective administration system, a decision approved by the National Council for Copyright.

Such methodology avoids the illegal possibility for the Collective Administration Agencies to abuse with their power in the market, by putting unreasonable prices or engaging in discriminating practices, such as applying different fees for similar users that operate in the same markets.

The fees in this methodology are transparent, which directly affects the formalization of the market, thus ensuring a free competition and putting an end to the abuses and problems carried through the years.

Under the National Strategy on Intellectual Property 2016-2020, the General Directorate of Taxes as a cooperating partner in the process of implementing these rights, would like to inform all taxpayers that are subject to copyright, to be more correct in declaring the income received from their activity for purposes of personal income tax.

Registration, declaration and payment of liabilities related to the personal income received is a legal obligation, whereas GDT encourages every person that benefits such income to voluntarily comply with this obligation.

Please find below the decision approved by the National Council for Copyright.

 Thank you!