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On refunding income for individuals

We would like to inform all individuals that have submitted the annual individual declaration of income for 2016, whereby from its completion it appears that the taxpaying individual has an excess credit due to the calculation of deductible expenses, as well as that have submitted at the Regional Directorate of Taxes in the respective jurisdiction, not later than 30 days from the date of declaration, the request to have all excess amounts returned, that by September 30th, 2017, the crediting of amounts received from the deductible expenses scheme with be provided.

The taxpaying individual must have submitted at the same time all the documentation justifying the income received and expenses carried out, as well as the number of the personal bank account where the excess taxes paid will be refunded. We herein inform you that the responsibility for the accuracy of the bank account number falls with the declarant individual. Only after the Regional Directorate of Taxes has certified the accuracy of data and upon verification it comes out that the information provided in the declaration is correct, it shall proceed with the refunding order of the amount of excessive taxes to the bank account of the taxpayer. Meanwhile, we would like to clarify that upon written request of the declarant, the excess amount paid can be also calculated as a payment performed for purposes of the next tax year.

Thank you!