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Dear taxpayers, please abide by the voluntary compliance prior to the verification on field from the inspection team

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to inform all taxpayers that operate in the area of tourism to be correct with the implementation of the law related to the tax rights and liabilities.

Following the tourism plan, based on the monitoring carried out, the Tax Administration has identified irregularities, mostly for failure to issue a coupon, for uninsured employees or non-fiscal printers, issues that are accompanied with penalties up to blocking the commercial activity for 30 days.

The Tax Administration would like to encourage all taxpayers to continue to be regular in fulfilling tax liabilities, as well as all citizens to be cooperative in this fight against informality, by reporting any abusive case at:, green line 0800 14 14, mobile number 0697073733 as well as in the social networks of GDT.

Thank you!