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Announcement on the specification of employees’ data in the payrolls declared by their employers

The Institute of Social Insurances has informed the General Directorate of Taxes on a problem related to the lack of compliance in some cases of the identification number (ID), personal identification card with the names of employees, or even names wrongly declared in the payrolls by their employers.

Pursuant to Law No. 9136, dated 11/09/2003 “On the collection of mandatory social security contributions and health care in the Republic of Albania”, as amended, every employer shall be responsible to keep the contributions of the employee and declare the salary in the Tax Authorities, together with the contributions of the employer.

Based on Article 15 of this law, every declarant taxpayer (employer) shall be obliged to put on the payroll the personal number of every employee he has employed.

We would kindly remind every taxpayer to be accurate with the declaration of these data, because any error does not only penalize them, but it also brings consequences for their employees, regarding the benefits they will have, compared to the contributions really paid.

Thank you!