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Updating of data from entities is a legal obligation and facilitates communication with the administration

The taxpayer shall be obliged to declare the correct business address, in order to ensure receipt on due time of the notifications send by the Tax Administration.

Which are the data to be updated in the National Business Centre?

The taxpayer, natural and legal person, shall register any change of data in the National Business Centre, as defined in Law No. 9723, dated 03/05/2007 “On National Business Centre”, as amended.

  • Application for change of seat and opening of new places of activity, different from the seat, shall be in any case done prior to the effective start of activity in that business location.
  • Regarding the opening of other secondary places of business activity, different from the seat, the taxpayer shall be equipped with a registration certificate, with a unique identification number similar to the one of registration, but with a different serial number.
  • For their own interest and that of the Tax Administration, the taxpayers shall be obliged to also inform any change related to the address/addresses of the economic activity and place of residence, as well as to the telephone number and electronic addresses, which serve as a point of contact to receive information on due time and as fast as possible.

The data declared by the entities at the NBC, shall be also simultaneously updated in the electronic register of the Tax Administration.

Where do tax liabilities change and which are the criteria to change them?

The taxpayer that fulfils the legal criteria to transfer from one category to the other (from small business to large business), shall notify or ask for the change to the respective Tax Administration (Regional Directorate of Taxes), within 15 calendar days from the date of observation and compliance of the conditions for this change.

Tax liability (types of taxes that the taxpayer is liable for), upon initial registration, shall change only by visiting the service front desks or by sending a request to the Regional Directorate of Taxes of the respective jurisdiction related to the changes occurred. Cases of changes in the tax liabilities might be:

  • Exceeding the turnover of ALL 8 million in a calendar year, when from paying the Simplified Profit Tax for Small Business, the taxpayers shall pay the income tax.
  • Exceeding the turnover of ALL 5 million in a calendar year, where despite that the taxpayer does not change the category as a small business, he shall be liable to pay the Value Added Tax, or vice versa.

Likewise, changing the category for taxpayer insurances from a sole self-employed person to a self-employed with employees, etc., shall be made at the taxpayers’ service front desks at the Regional Directorate of Taxes in the respective jurisdiction.

We would like to emphasize that Non-profit Organizations and all taxpayers registered from the Regional Directorate of Taxes shall notify the Tax Administration, within 15 days from the date of registration of changes, regarding the following changes:

a) change of name; 
b) change of business activity address or contact; 
c) change of legal status; 
ç) opening/closure of branches, sectors or new units; 
d) change of type of economic activity;

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