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The process of liabilities remission for failure to declare on time is closed. 6309 taxpayers more benefit

Pursuant to the Law “On the payment and partial deletion of tax liabilities, customs duties, and the removal from circulation of the transport vehicles” and the Instruction of the Ministry of Finance for its implementation, the General Directorate of Taxes implemented the second phase, thus closing the process of remission of liabilities for failure to declare on time.

During yesterday, 6309 taxpayers more have benefited from the automatic remission of these declarations, that should have been submitted by June 30th. A total of 111,356 entities in active and passive status have benefitted from the automatic deletion of fines for failure to declare on time. The types of penalties deleted from the e-system for failure to declare on time are as follows:

  • PIT payroll
  • VAT Declaration,
  • Declaration for the destination of profit
  • Declaration of Income Tax/Simplified Profit Tax
  • National taxes, etc.

All beneficiaries will find in their electronic account the respective announcement. 

The process of automatic deletion will continue step by step with every item provided for by the relevant legislation.

We kindly remind the taxpayers to consult with the legislation related to the liabilities exempted from remission. Full information on the law and instruction of the Ministry of Finance can be found on the official website of the Tax Authority under the “Legislation” section. 

Thank you!