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How to distinguish tax coupons from the fake ones?

Dear citizens,

For each purchase in cash you must necessarily ask from the salesperson or service provider to give you the tax coupon.

The tax coupon provided to a buyer or client shall contain the following data:  

  • Name, address of the taxpayer;
  • NUIS;
  • Name, quantity, price and value of each item/or service;  
  • The total value of the goods or services received;
  • Method of payment (cash, cheque, credit card, etc.);
  • VAT amount as per the tax rate;

The last part of the tax coupon, inter alia, shall contain: 

  • The identification number of the fiscal equipment;   
  • Date and time when the coupon has been issued;  
  • Coupon number
  • The fiscal logo, that is the identifying mark placed in each tax coupon at the end, in its centre.

Each coupon issued incompliant to such form, shall be invalid and administratively punished by law, with a fine amounting to ALL 50 000 (fifty thousand).

The Tax Administration would like to bring to your attention these elements, in order to save you from being a victim of a non-tax coupon from unauthorized fiscal equipments. Such coupons are abusive and only serve to abusively profit at the cost of your interest and the society as a whole.

GDT would like to encourage you to report any case by calling the free line 0800 14 14 or by sending photos and videos in Whatsapp and Viber at 0697073733.
Thank you!