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June 30th is the last deadline to submit the unsubmitted declarations

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to remind to all taxpayers that the Law No.33/2017, dated 30/03/2017 “On the payment and deletion/remission of tax liabilities, customs duties, and the removal from circulation of the transport vehicles after the deletion/remission of the tax liabilities”, inter alia, provides for:

  • The removal of fines for failure to declare on time, for unsubmitted declarations of each tax period provided that each unsubmitted declaration is submitted electronically until 30/06/2017.

The taxpayer shall electronically submit the declarations of each tax period, despite the year such unsubmitted declarations belong to or their type.
Caution! Any declaration submitted beyond this deadline, shall exclude you from benefiting from the remission of fines.

Thank you!