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Meeting on the Risk Module analysis and its interaction with the tax inspection directorate

The meeting on the Risk Module analysis and its concrete interaction with the Tax Inspection Directorate was held at the General Directorate of Taxes. The philosophy of the Tax Administration is now based on the analysis and data generated from the Risk Module, by prioritizing the sectors and taxpayers representing a potential risk, and that is why the strategy and activity related to the inspection is fully supported on the analysis of such module.

In this meeting, the General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, asked from the managers of the regional directorates and managers of the tax inspection to use such an instrument in order to finally encourage voluntary compliance and ensure impartial treatment of all taxpayers.

Based on the analysis of the data generated from this module, the sectors that fall under the focus of the administration to be monitored are the sector of trade (businesses with a turnover from 2-5 million, as well as from 5 to 8 million), that of hydrocarbons, but also sectors that show an unusual behaviour by breaking one or more rules of the risk module within the categorized sectors. 

Further improvement of the Risk Module is an on-going process which is assisted and supported by experts from the International Monetary Fund.