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GDT reviews the strategy and plan of measures for the tourism season 2017

On Thursday, the General Directorate of Taxes held the meeting of the Compliance Committee on the review of the strategy and plan of measures for the tourism season 2017.

In this meeting, the General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, asked for concrete measures to be taken in order to assist every recently opened business or that temporarily transfers its activity in the coastal areas, or those of mountainous tourism.

“Based on the data from national institutions and those of tour operators, we expect to have a higher number of tourists compared to the previous years. This is all translated into demand for services, which will be necessarily provided by the businesses. In this sense, the Tax Administration shall take measures to respond on time and accordingly to the demands of each entity that will operate in the tourism areas”.

Moreover, Mrs. Vjero highlighted that the “Tax Administration is the institution which ensures business operation under fair competition. Therefore, - she added - it is our duty to make sure through our ad-hoc structures of monitoring and inspection, to prevent and fight each phenomenon of evasion from fiscal duties, pursuant to the law and fair entrepreneurship”.

During this season the approach toward business will be based on the risk analysis model, more specifically on fiscal visits, in-house inspections and interventions in the territory where irregularities will be identified.

The Compliance Committee reviewed the plan of measures in order to ensure the provision of services in line with the legislation, like the compliance of the price displayed and documented in the fiscal equipment and documentation, as a joint responsibility to offer to the local and foreign tourists a correct treatment, complying with the obligation to correctly declare all employees, etc. Among others, the plan of measures provides for the information and awareness raising of all taxpayers and individuals to comply with the tax legislation and will strongly build upon their extensive information.

The meeting came a few days after entry into force of the amendments to the Law “On Value Added Tax”, i.e. 6% for accommodation structures, which the General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, deemed as an additional factor that will further incentivise entrepreneurial development.

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