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Service for taxpayers and individuals, the novelties in the first 5 months of this year

The Tax Administration is still reaching improved indicators related to the service provided to taxpayers and individuals, aiming to promote voluntary compliance of taxpayers and individuals, where any right of them is considered as an obligation for the administration.

  • During these 5 months, the service at the network of front desks for taxpayers has improved in the cities of Kavaja, Kruja, Fieri and Gjirokastra, thanks to the cooperation with the centre of integrated services ADISA, where we now provide qualitative services and with modern conditions. 
  • A total of 130.000 taxpayers and individuals have been provided with services and assistance throughout the network of front desks dedicated to the service for taxpayers. 
  • It’s the first time that taxpayers’ service is also provided at the National Business Centre in Tirana, a novelty that emerged from the requests of the business community itself. Visits flow in this front desk appears to be more than 1000, mainly form recently registered taxpayers, who receive a detailed information on their rights and obligations, including the tax calendar.
  • As of this year, a new manner of modus operandi has been conceived and started to be implemented, specifically, the one related to the taxpayers’ service on the premises of the business, with more than 1200 taxpayers assisted who had been registered for the first time. 
  • Cooperation between working groups of the service network and businesses, allowed for the conduction of 33 training seminars on issues of fiscal, procedural and technical character, including those of tax procedures at the business groups in Tirana and Durres. 550 taxpayers attended these meetings.
  • A novelty remains the new communication service via the Call Centre at the free line0800 00 02. Since ever this service started, this year, approximately 3900 incoming calls have been made by interested taxpayers and individuals, who received a response or have been oriented on due time from designated specialists of the administration. Pursuant to its right to inform the taxpayers, such centre has also made 11.687 calls to taxpayers, through which they are informed to comply with a liability or to abide by the monthly tax calendar.
  • The novelties of the Tax Administration service as of this year begin with the operation of the service called live-chat assistance window on the official website, which is another online communication with the taxpayers. The number of chats on real time is approximately 2000 and it has been welcomed by almost each applicant.