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GDT suspends its employee for involvement in the campaign

The General Directorate of Taxes, considering a TV broadcasting in ORA NEWS TV station today on 5 June 2017, that shows an employee of the Regional Tax Directorate of Tirana promoting and expressing his political preferences in the social media, herein informs that pursuant to the effective legal provisions, DCM of the Council of Ministers, dated 2/06/2017 and Order of the General Director, has begun the procedure for suspending this employee from the structure he works in and will follow the legal procedure on such case.

The GDT would like to use this opportunity to thank you Ora News TV station for bringing forward this case and herein reminds that, pursuant to the orders issued in different times by the General Directorate of Taxes, participation of the Tax Administration in political campaigns is entirely forbidden.

Moreover, GDT would like to invite every media and each citizen to notify and report on any case where they see an involvement of the Tax Administration in the electoral processes and campaign.