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The authorized companies that provide maintenance of the fiscal equipments CKV NOKI Albania Shpk

Dear taxpayers!

The authorized companies that have expressed their interest and availability to provide the service of transmission and the contracts of maintenance for fiscal equipments traded by “CKV NOKI Albania Shpk” are as follows:

1. The authorized company “AED Shpk
2. The authorized company “DAISY & ETM

Pursuant to paragraph 11 of the DCM No. 781, dated 14/11/2007, as amended “On the technical and functional features of the fiscal equipments…”, the taxpayers that use fiscal equipments traded by the company “CKV-NOKI Albania Shpk” shall take the measures to enter into a contract with other persons, authorized for maintenance. The removal of the authorization “authorized company” to the company “CKV-NOKI Albania Shpk” has been established by Order of the Ministry of Finance No. 29, dated 29/03/2017.