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Notification-Exchange on real time of the customs data at the tax system

Dear taxpayers,

The electronic system of the Tax Administration includes the communication and transmission of data with the electronic system of the Customs Administration.

The data from the customs system related to import and export of goods are now available for the Tax Administration as well.

The data related to the import and export declarations, received from the customs, but also the differences resulting for these regimes between the data possessed by the customs and those possessed by the Tax Administration, are now transmitted and processed on real time on the CATS electronic system.

This is an important technological development which helps both administrations to increase communication, improve services and identify violations. In this sense, we would like to remind to all taxpayers that operate in import and export regime of goods to be careful and correct in their declarations. Their reports should be the same for both administrations, that of customs and taxes.

The Tax Administration would like to invite you to consult once again with the declarations done, in order to make the necessary corrections and comply with the real situation, to avoid any restrictive measures in case of incompliance. 

Thank you.