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Information for individuals subject to annual declaration of incomes

Dear taxpayers,

While May 2nd, 2017 is approaching, which is also the final deadline to electronically submit the annual individual declaration of income, there is an increase of interest by the individuals who were or become subject to declaration. Meanwhile, some of them that have been declarants before have encountered uncertainties and also application of notification of penalties related to the data reported by e-filing.

Given these cases, we would like to inform all the individuals subject to declaration that:

Data processing of the declaration related to gross incomes, deductible expenses incurred as well as taxes paid during the calendar year, declared by the individual himself, are automatically processed by the same system like the one used to fill in and submit this declaration only electronically. Those penalties that appear at some declarant individuals are due to the late submission of the declaration, or due to failure to correctly fill in the data on declared incomes, wrong declaration of the tax amount actually paid during the year, or omission of the latter, which is followed by an automatic calculation of a tax obligation against the individual.

Dear taxpayers,

Please be careful when filling in all the items of your declaration of incomes;

Please consult on time the data of your account on e-filing system, where all the relevant important notifications have been posted for you, which are related to the accuracy of declaration or calculated obligations as well.

In case of any uncertainty, please do not hesitate to visit the taxpayers’ service office at the Regional Directorate of Taxes at your residential centre.

Also, please do not hesitate to call the Call Centre to receive a real time answer on the required clarification.

The Tax Administration would like to thank you for your cooperation.