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GDT and Business for 2017” meeting at the American Chamber of Commerce

High representatives of the General Directorate of Taxes attended today a meeting organized by the American Chamber of Commerce, which focused on different issues mentioned in the report on taxpayment and Tax Administration with a main focus on the strategy of the GDT for 2017.

During the meeting the General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero, briefly introduced some integral parts of the general strategy of the GDT for 2017-2021, focusing on the current year, as a period where the GDT is completely engaged to build communication bridges with the business and to fully support the latter. She mentioned the new services now provided by the GDT, like the Call Centre, the new interactive page of the GDT as a simple and practical channel to communicate with the Tax Administration, as well as the counselling process with the business community which now has turned into a daily practice of the Tax Administration.

Afterwards Mrs. Vjero focused on the part related to the careful examination of the risk models for those sectors of the economy that are a potential source of fiscal evasion and informality, with a higher attention on the work currently being undertaken by the GDT in identifying the smart schemes of economic fraud, including cybercrime, but also informality in the area of economy of art, especially in those artistic sectors that appear to be extremely profitable in Albania for the time being.

The meeting was attended by the managers of the American Chamber of Commerce and different representatives of the business community, with whom ideas and opinions were exchanged on how to improve the relationship between the two main actors, Tax Administration and business in Albania.

This open discussion with the business community conveys the spirit of cooperation between the Tax Administration aiming not only to attract a qualified opinion from the economic operators on issues of their concern, but also to increase at the maximum the work transparency at the GDT.