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Ms. Delina Ibrahimaj General Director of the GDT

Ms. Delina Ibrahimaj graduated at Bocconi University in Milan in Intl. Economy completing there also her master studies in Management.
Since 2015 she holds a PhD in Banks and Finance Management - a research she developed with Tor Vergata, Rome’s University.

Ms. Ibrahimaj is a seasoned expert on statistical and economic analysis enjoying a substantial experience working at the Bank of Albania (2010-2015), at PM office as national coordinator for the establishment of an integrated information system elaborating government operational stats (2015-2016), etc.

Ms. Ibrahimaj was for the last three years (2016-2019) General Director of the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT).

Ms. Ibrahimaj brings to the General Tax Office her rich experience and skills in the successful project management, her brilliant interaction with donors and other institutional stakeholders along with her distinguished capacities related to the organization and financial reporting, thanks also to a rich experience developed with the private sector.

Ms. Ibrahimaj has authored and co-authored a number of publications including research studies in economy and finance.

She is married and mother of two sons.