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Mr.Xhavit Çurri, Deputy General Director of the GDT

Mr. Xhavit Çurri has a BA in Economics from the University of Tirana, Department of Economy.

Between 1978-1987, Mr. Curri was assigned to work on several tasks for the national bank system and he also has held several functions in the Ministry of Finances. In 1992 he became part of the national tax system structures. As part of the working team for the first implementation of the Value Added Tax in Albania, he was later promoted Director. From 1998 to 2007 he served as Deputy General Director of the GDT. In the following years up to December 2013, he was assigned the task of Managing Director of the Fiscal and Financial Consultancy Company “KFF” Ltd.

In 1987, Mr. Xhavit Curri concludes his specialization from the Ministry of Finance in Paris, then a course in Macroeconomics at the Institute of International Monetary Fund in Washington. In the following, he continues to take several training courses at the National School of Taxes of France in Paris and many others in the field of taxes at international organizations, such as the OECD, IOTA, IMF, etc.

He is also the author of many articles on various fiscal and financial issues published in magazines and local daily newspapers.

Since December 2013, he is Deputy General Director of the General Directorate of Taxation.