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About the Central Tax Administration Office

The Tax Administration Office has the task to collect tax revenues through simple procedures, with minimal costs, by implementing the tax legislation uniformly, in order to finance the Albanian State Budget.
Therefore the Tax Administration Office provides assistance and other facilities, so taxpayers fulfill their obligations in accordance with the legislation in force.
Empowered by law, the Tax Administration Office has the obligation to supervise, assess and punish any form of intentional or not intentional behavior of incompliance or discompliance of legal liabilities, by the taxpayer.
By providing periodic information and data, the Tax Administration Office, supports the government in drafting tax policies.

The Albanian Tax Administration Office aims to be an organization, which meets the standards of other tax administration offices worldwide, presenting itself as:

  • An institution that offers qualitative services, to raise tax awareness in society; that promotes voluntary compliance of tax payment and tariffs, with the intent to lighten the administrative burden of taxpayers and to simplify the administration of taxes-tariffs.
  • An authority that collects, inspects and controls, tax liabilities with honesty, by implementing the power of law and by fighting informal economy and evasion, protecting fiscal revenues.
  • A widely respected organization, which structure and organizational values are preserved in adaptation to economic and social changes. The Tax Administration Office is provided with the most recent tools and methods of advanced technology to maintain a close partnership with business associations and civil society, as well as with tax authorities worldwide or other international organizations.
  • A public agency that fulfills its mission of self-improvement exercising frequent personnel training.

Strong values increase the confidence and support in the community. Taxpayers must believe in the ways that the tax system is administered. Our values are based on:

The trust of taxpayers
The main focus is for the community of taxpayers to believe in the system; therefore the Tax Administration Office is committed to respond to taxpayers’ problems with efficiency and transparency day after day; treat each and every one of them with justice, equity, fairness, integrity, promoting a relationship based on mutual respect.

Implementing the rules of ethics and the fight against corruption
The Tax Administration Office’s work ethic is based first and foremost on respecting the law. No corrupted behavior will be tolerated, because that is how the administration gives the taxpayers the guarantee of justice and security.

Reliability on taxpayers
We rely on taxpayers and on other professional’s contributions in the field of finances and taxes, as well as on law enforcement intermediaries who present themselves as fair and direct. We offer our true collaboration and are open to cooperate and consult them relying on the principle of voluntary compliance.

We insist in remaining transparent in our reporting activities. Public opinions on issues of risk management are rigorously taken into consideration. Taxpayers will have their voice on the matter and we will make further arrangements to help them get proper knowledge to fulfill legal liabilities, as well as to reduce administrative costs for businesses and for the GDT.