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Issuance of VAT tax invoice

As of April 1st, 2018, the threshold for VAT registration has entered into force for an annual turnover of ALL 2,000,000.

Small business taxpayers that during 2017 have carried out an annual turnover exceeding ALL 2,000,000, pursuant to this amendment, shall be automatically registered by the Tax Administration with the tax liability of Value Added Tax.

Moreover, under this liability shall also be registered every taxpayer, whether existing or recently registered, that foresees to carry out a turnover above this threshold during 2018.

Every taxpayer included in the VAT scheme shall issue a VAT tax invoice in cases when the transaction to be performed amounts at more than ALL 40,000 and/or under this value when asked by the buyer. Also, the taxpayer shall issue a VAT tax invoice in any case that he performs a transaction with another taxpaying entity.

The taxpayer can receive the VAT tax invoice books at the Regional Directorate of Taxes where registered.