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Tax Debt

On this site is displayed the list of taxpayers with unpaid due liabilities, in which the Tax Administration, pursuant to article 91 of the Law No. 9920, dated 19.05.2008 "On tax procedures in the Republic of Albania" has decided to take security measures in all properties, forcing the execution and therefore collection of the liabilities.

This publication is made for the third parties to be informed of the commencement of these proceedings and for the organisations or institutions that have registered the movable and immovable properties of the taxpayers debtors, to record the outstanding tax liability as a lien on this property and to prevent the performance of transactions for the transfer of the properties of the taxpayers debtors, until the unpaid tax obligation is collected.

This notification is made to notify all the parties that have interests with these taxpayers.

As soon as the obligations are paid from the subject they are cleared from this list

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