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Income Tax

The Law on income tax, the regulations and bylaws issued to implement it, regulate the relationships regarding the personal income tax, profit tax, and tax deducted at the source.

It defines the rules for the collection and administration of the personal income tax of individuals, profit tax for trading companies and natural persons (registered traders), when they are subject to the profit tax.

Among other things, the law has defined in details the composition of the important structural elements regarding the definition of incomes, taxable profit, both incomes and expenditures.

The Law, within its scope, clearly stipulates the manner of documentation, filing and payment related to tax liabilities.

The current Law on Income Tax, approved in December 1998, has undergone a number of changes dictated by the stages of the economic development, responding to the fiscal policy of the executive power, as well as the needs of the business community.

Below you will find laws and bylaws which define the rules of collecting the personal income tax and profit tax.

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