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Key points on fiscalization


NO NEW TAXES – proposed law and changes in the process are not introducing any new taxation. All tax rules and obligations are the same (in relation to the VAT and income tax). So for all the taxpayers that were reporting and paying their taxes there is no change from a tax obligation perspective. This reform project is focused on the tax evaders, taxpayers that did not pay their taxes. By introducing this new process we ensure better level of control and easier inspection and we make it possible even for a citizens to verify that taxes for good and services he paid are properly reported.

HELP US LOWER THE TAXES – with project of fiscalisation we are reducing grey economy. With this we ensure that more people are paying the taxes that they avoided paying so far. With high level of grey economy, all the taxpayers that pay tax are in fact paying also for those that avoid paying taxes. If we force that more people are compliant about paying taxes, than we will create opportunity to lower taxes in the future.

PERSON NOT PAYING TAXES ARE STEALING FROM ALL OF US - taxpayer who is not paying taxes is stealing from all the citizens of Albania. Gathered taxes should be spent on many important things like roads, hospitals, schools… Those who do not pay taxes are having negative impact on the life of all other citizens of Albania.

NO CHANGE FOR EXISTING REGULAR TAXPAYERS – for taxpayers who did report all their taxes, there will be no significant change with this project. Whey will have to adjust to more advanced process, with newer technology, but it will have no operational impact and very little or nonfinancial impact for each compliant taxpayer.

HELP US CATCH THE IRREGULARITIES – new system will enable each citizen to verify the invoice he received when purchasing goods or services. Easy to understand technical process is used to scan unique invoice parameters and to verify is the invoice properly reported to General tax directorate. You are doing your duty as a citizen to report when somebody issued irregular invoice.

MODERNISE YOUR BUSINESS – new system is pushing whole economy to less paper, more electronic transaction-based systems. By adopting the new system we are modernising overall economy and making it more efficient.

BECOMING EU MEMBER – modernisation of tax department, transparency of business, implementation of e-Invoice according to the EU norms are all prerequisites that will help us on our road to becoming EU member.

LET’S ELIMINATE NON-PAYERS – by using e-Invoice system it is easier to track payments and identify companies that are generating illiquidity by not paying invoices in mandatory period. Let’s identify non-payers that are impacting whole financial system.