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Street Vendor

A street vendor is an individual of age 16 and above , self-employed that sells goods or services to the public without having a fixed place of business, but operates in a movable market unit and has the permission to trade in public.

The street vendor is registered at the Regional Directorate of Taxes of jurisdiction, based on the division of the administrative organization.

Documents for registration:

  • Writen Request;
  • Photocopy of the Identity Card (ID) or Passport of the self-employed individual;
  • Filled registration form.

The process of deregistration is made upon the request of the person registered as a street vendor, filed at the Regional Directorate of Tax Directorate where he was registered.

The obligation to be paid
The street vendors, who have reached the age of 16 and are not insured as employees or as self-employed in a continuous economic activity, pay mandatory contributions to social security and health care for:

  • The pension branch and
  • The insurance of health care.

The self-employed persons in commercial or service activity, street vendors, declare and pay a monthly minimum contribution amounting to 4 696 ALL, of which:

  • 3 200 ALL for social security and
  • 1 496 ALL for the insurance of health care.