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Exempted income

Are exempted from the personal income tax the revenues as follows:

  • Incomes received as a result of the insurance scheme of mandatory social and health care insurance, as well as economic aid for individuals without incomes or with low incomes;
  • Scholarships of pupils and students;
  • Remunerations received in cases of illness, accident, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation in force;
  • Incomes earned, including income in cash or in kind, by the owners as remuneration for expropriation made by the state for public interest;
  • Incomes exempted on the basis of international agreements ratified by the Parliament;
  • Incomes received as a result of financial compensation to former owners and former political prisoners;
  • Contributions made by the employer for life and health insurance of employees;
  • Benefits from compensations obtained by final judgement of the courts, as well as certain fees for court costs;
  • Incomes received from state institutions for achievements in science, sports, culture;
  • The transfer of the right of ownership of agricultural land by a registered farmer to a farmer or a legal person who carries out agricultural activity;
  • Contributions made by each member of a voluntary pension fund to the extent determined by the law on voluntary pension funds.
  • The return on investment, including capital gains, from investments made from the pension fund assets, during the administration of the management company.