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Small business corner

The Corner of assistance is a space dedicated to the small business taxpayers, that have carried out a turnover of ALL 2,000,000 – 5,000,000 and that have been included in the Value Added Tax scheme.

13 Corners of assistance for small business have been established in all the Regional Directorates of Taxes. They provide information and assistance to every taxpayer in order for them to understand this tax liability, but also to clarify any unclarity on the manner and deadlines for declaration, keeping of tax documentation, steps to be followed, etc.

Apart from the information published in this corner, a dedicated assistance and clarifications can also be received by contacting the Taxpayers’ Service in every Regional Directorate of Taxes, at the Call Centre by calling the free green line 0800 00 02, but also through the Live Chat service.


NR   Regional Directorate      Pref. Tel.        Office name Address E-mail  
 1 Tirane    04 2425903 Taxpayer Service Center, RTD Tirana Rr. "Nikolla Lena" (përballë shkollës "Sabahudin Gabrani")
 2 Durres     052 222 061 Taxpayer Service Center, RTD Durres Lagjia nr.3, Rr. "Egnatia", Durrës
 3 Vlore     033 237055 Taxpayer Service Center, RTD Vlore Lagjia"Hajro Çakërri", pranë Prefekturës Vlorë
 4 Berat     032 235994 Taxpayer Service Center, RTD Berat Rr. ''Antipatrea", Lagjia "30 Vjetori" , Kati i II-të, Berat
 5 Fier     034  4222405 Taxpayer Service Center, RTD Fier Lagjia "Apollonia", Rr. "Brigada e 11-të Sulmuese", kati i I-rë, Fier
 6 Elbasan     054 258 207 Taxpayer Service Center, RTD Elbasan Lagjia "28 Nëntori", Rr. "Qemal Stafa", Elbasan
 7 Korce 0822 43 304 Taxpayer Service Center, RTD Korce Lagjia nr. 7, Rr. "28 Nëntori", Korçë
 8 Lezha 0215 22467 Taxpayer Service Center, RTD Lezhë Lagjia "Besëlidhja", 2 Kullat "Lura", Lezhë
 9 Shkodra 022 254866 Shërbimi për Tatimpaguesit, DRT Shkodër Bulevardi "Zogu i I-rë", DRT Shkodër, Kati i I-rë
10 Dibra 0218 222 29 Shërbimit për Tatimpaguesit, DRT DIBËR  Lagjia "Aksioni", Bulevardi "Elez ISUFI", Peshkopi
11 Gjirokastra 084  262205 Shërbimi për Tatimpaguesit, DRT Gjirokastër Lagjia "18 Shtatori" Gjirokastër
12 Kukësi 0242 22628 Shërbimi për Tatimpaguesit, DRT Kukës Lagjia nr. 5,Godina e Raiffeisen Bank, Kati II-të
13 Saranda 0852 25264 Shërbimi për Tatimpaguesit, DRT Sarandë Lagjia nr. 4, Rr. "Mit'hat Hoxha" Nr. 151, Sarandë